Body Space

20 years of the company's existence is a reason to celebrate - and pride!

But the story of Krzysztof  Seemann – and his love for sport and active lifestyle – began much earlier. It is a story of a man who has achieved success through hard work and determination. And then he made a commitment to share this success. Thanks to the appropriate equipment technology he increased his chances on the market. The potential of the Body Space devices are current used in fitness and beauty industry with great success. We offer reliable and modern devices that allow for effective body –shaping and weight loss.

Body Space


We create VacuTherm skirts from scratch for Body Space devices – we design, construct templates, prepare layouts, sew, and finish. We have our own sewing room, equipped with a modern machine park, which we modernize according to market needs. We use only high-quality neoprene, which guarantees long-term of use.

Before device Body Roll will go to the client, they go a long way. We want to have everything under control. The production process involves many departments, such as numerous quality controls, ensuring and confirming that the execution is perfect. The final effect of Body Roll production at the BODY SPACE plant can be seen in the Upholstery. At every stage of the production of Body Roll devices, we use not only creativity, but also craftsmanship accuracy and meticulousness.

Body Space


Body Space


Want to approach our customer’s perspective & customer satisfaction
of the best product BODY SPACE we put a special emphasis on accuracy and workmanship. Each element of BODY SPACE DEVICES must be refined with high-quality of every elements.

Electrical components, electronical systems, technology of Vacuum and InfraRed go on the specialized stand assembly. Qualified employees install engines, control systems, vacuum pumps for all of Body Space models.

We have created ergonomic composite forms. We use proven CONSTRUCTIONS for the production of BODY SPACE devices. As a result, we created unique creative concepts. Check our proposition.

Body Space


Body Space


Własna lakiernia i opracowane nowoczesne technologie pozwalają na różnorodne wykończenie kolorystyczne urządzeń BODY SPACE. Gwarantujemy bardzo wysoką jakość oraz nowoczesne wzornictwo, które idealnie pasuje do indywidualnie zaprojektowanych wnętrz.